A walk in the Hortulus Garden labyrinth

Have you ever walked in an outdoor labyrinth? This fantastic labyrinth in Hortulus Garden in Poland took 10 years to grow and it is over 3,2 kilometers long. The green "walls" are just over 2 meters high, making it impossible to cheat.

So much fun to get lost in the Hortulus Garden labyrinth. (Photo: instagram.com/norskereiseblogger)

It's a realy fun place to get lost, for both adults and children, and if you really get lost in there, a guide in a tower will help you find your way back out.

During my walk in the labyrinth, I made a small video to bring you along at the adventure.

Besides the labyrinth the garden also contains different themed gardens, as the white garden, English garden, Japanese garden and lots more. A wonderful place to spend a relaxing day while traveling in Poland.

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