Island hopping on a budget in the West Swedish Archipelago

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Island hopping on a budget in the West Swedish Archipelago

Have you ever dreamt of slowly travelling from island to island in the Swedish archipelago? Perhaps you played with the idea for quite some time, until you eventually, and sadly, decided against it. Renting a boat and finding someone to sail it for you must surely be way out of your budget, right?

Well, I can assure you that your dream is still within reach! In fact, the longing for slow summer days in the Swedish archipelago; days filled with stunning sunsets, and fresh and delicious seafood, might actually be more easily achievable than what you would think.

Väst Sverige recently launched their new digital planning tool, and here you can easily plan your Swedish island hopping route. And the best of all? You will be transported by the local ferries – an option which is both eco-friendly and budget-friendly!

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Summer might be long gone by now, but a beautiful boat journey in the Swedish archipelago is always in season. While some of the ferries only operate during the summer months, you will still find that quite a few ferries are running on an all year round basis. By utilizing the digital planning tool, you can easily discover which ferries are operating which routes – and, of course, at which time they depart everyday. This digital planning tool will provide you with all the details you need in order to plan the perfect island hopping experience in the Swedish archipelago.

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Welcome to Vrångø

Vrångö is a small island located in the Gothenburg archipelago, and it is one of the many beautiful islands you can visit on your island hopping route. Vrångö also has a ferry connection operating all year round, so it makes for an easily accessible weekend break even in the low season.

Vrångö has approximately 380 inhabitants, and many of these actually commute to Gothenburg for school and work every single day. Visitors will find that Vrångö can offer a selection of cool cafes, a harbour, different types of accommodation, and several fish stores. The island has beautiful scenery, several picturesque beaches, and great options for those looking for easily accessible hikes.

The hiking trails go all over the island, and by following them you are almost guaranteed to stumble upon hidden beaches and smooth rock slopes leading down to the fresh sea. The scenery is green and stunning, and you can occasionally find the remains of old, traditional Scandinavian stone walls. In other words, the findings on Vrångö is  typical for an island in the swedish archipelago.

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Get around using bicycle or golf carts

On Vrångö, there are only a few cars which are permitted to drive around. These vehicles mostly transport building materials and other necessities around the island. Besides these few exceptions, Vrångö is actually car free. Most people, both tourists and locals, therefore choose to travel around either by golf carts or on bicycles. This is also quite normal for most of the other islands in the Swedish archipelago as well. If you have been to the mainland to buy groceries, these are normally transported first on the ferry and then put in a wheelbarrow. This is the main reason why many of the islands have their own area for wheelbarrow parking near the harbor.

Vrångö has a big harbor, and here you will find accommodation, boat parking, a kayak renting service, and other fun activities for both big and small adventurers. If you are bringing a group of family or friends, you can also rent a floating Jacuzzi for a day or two!

The island is covered by picturesque wooden houses, and they all seem to have well-kept and colourful gardens. The atmosphere on Vrångö is always tranquil, and everyday life is led in a much calmer way than in the big and bustling cities on the mainland.

Create your own dream vacation in the west Swedish archipelago

Are you dreaming of visiting Vrångö and the other picturesque, Swedish islands this autumn? You can easily plan your trip by using Väst Sveriges digital planning tool which you can find here.

The trip to Vrångö is only 58 SEK for a round trip. You will travel with Västtrafik from Saltholmen Harbour in Gothenburg, and this route operates all year round.


This trip to Vrångö was done a s acollaboration with VisitSweden and Västsverige to promote the Swedish archipelago. All opinions are as always my own. 

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