Postcard from Gasadalur – Faroe Island

Sometimes a photo just stands alone as inspiration, and on my travels I capture lots of many photos of beautiful prospects, reflections or people who deserve to be presented just by themselves, simply and clean. That’s why there’s now a new “series” on Let’s Get Lost, Postcard, where the focus simply is just a single photograph from a place I’ve found interesting.

The first photo is from the Faroe Islands and Gasadalur. This is perhaps the most photographed spot in the Faroe Islands but that doesn’t matter when it’s as beautiful as it is, or what? After walking the old post route over the mountain to the small village of Gasadalur we reached a viewpoint that has everything! A wild coastline, green plains, a waterfall leading directly into the sea and a charming village at the back. Enjoy the photo and find inspiration you for a trip to the Faroe Islands.

PS: We crossed the mountain but there is also a road tunnel through the mountain, so you have the opportunity to get to Gasadalur without too much effort.


Thanks to iambassador and Visit Faroe Island for inviting me to this trip as part of the #MyFaroeIslandsHome campaign

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