About us

Let's get lost by norskereiseblogger.no is a Travel Blog focusing on travel adventures, active lifestyle, luxury moments, hidden gems, culinary experiences and the art of storytelling.

Let's get lost is owned and run by Janicke Hansen, who also owns and runs the Norwegian Travel Blog norskereiseblogger.no. Let's get lost will present some of the stories from norskereiseblogger.no in English and some stories tailored just for Let's get lost.

Janicke Hansen is a Travel Blogger, Speaker, Facilitator and Travel Enthusiast. She started norskereiseblogger.no in 2011 and is also the co-founder of nordictravelbloggers.com, a collective of 35 top Nordic Travel Bloggers working with brands, destinations and companies on marketing campaigns and projects. Janicke is also a board member at the Professional Travel Bloggers Association (PTBA) representing Europe.