Utsikten - the fabulous new viewpoint in Norway

In a country of high mountains, deep valleys and stunning nature there are a few fabulous viewpoints to discover. This new viewpoint, Utsikten, located on top of Gaular mountain on the west coast of Norway is no exception. This is definitely one of the rest stops you really don't want to miss.

Utsikten opened in june 2016 and has already become a very popular stop amongst visitors doing an adventurous road trip exploring Norway. The Tourist Routes Section in Norway has a goal to develop, maintain and market National Tourist Routes as an attraction towards visitors and tourists and has set up a suggestion of  18 different routes across the country. Along the National Tourist Route no 13 crossing the Gaular mountain Utsikten is one of the listed main attractions.

The viewing platforms has a clear view towards over 1500 meters high mountains and the winding roads leading up the valley towards the top of Gaular mountain. The road was opened in 1938 and was at the time a key transport route, but these days it has become a picturesque and quiet alternative to the new main roads built in the area.

The new constructed viewpoint has three "wings" for visitors to climb. The center wing is situated on the edge above the valley below.

When arriving by car you can easily park on the spacious parking lot near the viewpoint. Make sure to cross the road carefully.

Enjoy the view to the mountains and valley below from the tip of the viewpoint platform.

The winding road up the mountain is like a decor element between the green grass and trees found in the area.

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