I'm ready for new adventures in Italy!

Italy is one of my absolute favorite countries to travel to and in. I love the people, the language, the culture, the great nature and last but not least their passionate relation to food and wine. That's why I was so excited when I got an invitation to participate in a blogger campaign called #atLakeGarda in Garda Trentino by the north part of Garda Lake in Italy earlier this year.

Photo by GardaTrentino/Giampaolo Calza


On wednesday my trip to Garda Lake starts. We are staying in the village Riva del Garda as far north as you can come along the lake. The area is known for the fabulous terrain for hiking, climbing and mountain biking and all sorts of outdoors activities. We will try out all of the above in addition to some water related activities by the lake. I'm really looking forward to getting out and around in the fresh air and open landscape!

Photo by GardaTrentino/Giampaolo Calza
Photo by GardaTrentino

Our hotel, Riva Mia Food & Bed, is located in the middle of the historic part of Riva del Garda, close to the remains of the medieval castle and city wall that used to surround the city. I,m looking forward to wander the narrow streets exploring new things around every corner. There are also a lot of medieval castles and villages in the area, so I'm expecting to get my interest for architecture, history and culture satisfied.

Photo: GardaTrentino

Riva del Garda is as the name suggests located by the Garda Lake, and water sports and water activities is a popular thing in the area. Depending on the weather we will also be able to try out SUP and perhaps a short sailing trip, and who knows, maybe more exciting water sport activities is planned for us?

As I mentioned before, one of the reasons I love traveling to and in Italy is the food. There are so much love and passion behind every dish and every ingredient and they are experts in pairing food and wine. I'm looking forward trying out some of the local food specialities and also to learn how to prepare the dish! A cooking class in on our to-do list along with visiting lots of great local restaurants.

Photo: GardaTrentino/Roberto Vuilleumier

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This campaign is a collaboration between NordicTB and Garda Trentino S.p.A to focus on and create interest for the variety of activities and culture in the area. As always, all opinions are my own. #GardaTrentino