Fall hiking in the Norwegian mountains

I love hiking! And there are no other outdoors activity that makes me feel more relaxed and refreshed than hiking in the Norwegian mountains. It's like therapy or meditation. It's refreshing for the mind and the for the body, as you get exercise at the same time as your brain is free to just roam about on its own.

Every season has its own charm and beauty, but hiking in the fall is my absolute favorite. All the warm colors popping up everywhere and the last remains of the summer berries is still to be found up in the mountains.

Last weekend I took a hike in the mountains outside Voss on the west coast of Norway. The sun was shining the temperature was around 20 degrees C and the ground was pretty dry after a september without to much rain. In other words, it was a perfect day to take in the beauty, the silence and the fresh air!

On our way up to the view point we passed by thousands and thousands of blueberries. For me that meant stopping every other meter to pick a handful of the sweet, blue natural candy. These berries are full of antioxidants, vitamins and energy and the best part, it's all free!

The good thing about hiking in Norway is that there are small streams with fresh mountain water to be enjoyed as you go. Fill it on your bottle or just drink it directly from your hand. It's the freshest and crispiest water you will ever have!

Besides from a great view to the beautiful nature from the top of the mountain, you can also come across old dairymaids huts, like this one not far from Oppheimsvatnet in Langedalen. These huts used to be in full operation throughout the summer and the dairymaids produced cheese, butter and other goodies from the cow milk. The cows was just wondering about eating fresh grass and staying outdoors. There are still cows and cheeps in the mountains but no more dairymaids up here. Nowadays these huts are used as cottages or is just standing there slowly being claimed back to nature.

My best tips when hiking in Norway is to dress in layers. Often the temperature can be quite comfortable at lower levels, but as soon as you start to walk up the mountains the temperature drops and at the same time you will get all sweaty. Having a few layers of clothes so you can regulate at all times is the best. Also remember to wear good hiking shoes. As comfortable as your runnings shoes might be, I recommend proper waterproof hiking shoes as the paths sometimes can be a bit wet. Wet feet are usually cold feet, and that is not comfortable!

Having a small backpack with some water (or just an empty bottle) hot tea or coffee, energy bar or a sandwich is also nice. Find a spot, take a rest, have a snack and just enjoy being outdoors!

If you want to do more "serious" hiking than just a quick trip up the mountain or you want suggestions for great hiking trails, you can find lots of great routes and tips at Den Norske Turistforeningen website. Here you will find information about numerous hiking trails marked with a red T to follow almost everywhere in Norway. Check it out and start planning your hiking trip in Norway!