Stegastein - stunning view point to the fjord

Norway is well known for its fjords, high mountains and wild nature, and there is a lot of fantastic view points to these beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, a lot of the really great view points is not that easy to get to. Stegastein view point in Aurland is different. It's easy accessible and gives you a stunning view to one of the most spectacular fjords in Norway, Nærøyfjorden.

View to Nærøyfjorden on the way to Stegastein view point

Stegastein view point is a wooden, steel, concrete and glass "bridge" 3,5 meters wide and 31 meters long situated on the edge of a cliff 650 meters above the fjord. To get to Stegastein you can drive by car or join an organized bus tour from Flåm or Aurland, as driving is the easies way to get to the view point on top of the mountain. The winding roads on the way up also gives you an adventurous experience and lots of great photo opportunities.

The road leading to Stegastein is part of the national tourist road that leads from Aurland to Lærdal, and is called "The snow road"

Stegastein. The "bridge" is situated on the edge of a cliff, 650 meters above the fjord

The glass in front gives you a unique and safe view to the fjord 

The construction is designed to give visitors a feeling of soaring over the fjord. The glass in front of the "bridge" puts you in direct contact with the wild nature, looking down at the tree tops, steep mountain wall and the fjord 650 meters down.

Stegastein seen from Aurland

What a view! Stunning landscape!

View to Aurland from Stegastein

The area has a large parking space and a public toilet named as the best designed toilets in the world in 2015 by DesignCurial. As the toilet room has large windows to the fjord, you can even enjoy the stunning view in your private moments. (don't worry, no one can see you from the outside)

Stegastein is open for visitors all year round and is free to enter.

Nærøyfjorden seen from Aurland. The fjord is very beautiful, also at sea level.