Pasta cooking class in Forlimpopoli

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is attending cooking classes to learn how to make local food the local way. Learning about food and food tradition can give you a deeper and richer understanding of the culture you visit, and also helps you understand more about the people living there.

During my visit in the Emilia Romagna-region in Italy I attended a pasta cooking class at the Casa Artusi run by the nonnas (grandmothers) of Forlimpopoli. Want to learn how to make perfect home made pasta? See the video-tutorial in the blog post

Commercial collaboration

The cooking class started with us watching one of the nonnas making a pasta dough, and shaping different types of pasta. Even though we where buzy taking pictures and videos to document the making, we had to pay attention. Right after seeing how it was done, we were given our own spot and the ingredients for making our own pasta dough!

Making pasta should always be done on a wooden surface. This will give the dough the right consistence. Consider getting your own wooden pasta board if you really enjoy making home made pasta.

Hygiene is an important thing when making pasta, so remember to wash your hands before and after handling the eggs.  Or as the Nonna put it: "We all know where the eggs come from"

Concentrated blogger in action! Trying to make the perfect pasta dough and impress the Nonnas helping us out during our cooking class. A pasta dough is made of only two ingredients, egg and wheat flour. Make sure the egg holds room temperature before you start. For every egg you will need 100 grams of wheat flour. A dough made of two eggs is enough for serving 2 persons.

As you will see in the video below, the dough is made directly on the surface and you use your hands working with the dough to make the gluten elastic. When the dough is finished you should rap it in plastic and let it rest for 10-15 minutes before you stretch it. Due to lack of time this is not shown in the video, but do this when you make it at home.

And I made it! Not only did I make my own perfect pasta dough, but i also ended up with all these different types and shapes of pasta. So proud! :)

Want to know how you can make perfect pasta at home? See and learn from the video tutorial I filmed during our introduction lesson at the Casa Artusi in Forlimpopoli, and you can end up looking like a real pasta pro!

My visit to the Casa Artusi cooking class in Forlimpopoli was organized by the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board. Thanks for having me as your guest!