Blini - a Russian culinary speciality in Helsinki

Have you ever tasted Blini? If you visit Helsinki in January, you should try it at least once. During a visit in Helsinki I attended a fun Blini cooking class at the Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel learning not only how to make the Blini, but also how to serve and eat it.

Delicious Blini with topping of my choice ready to eat!

A Blini is like a thick pancake made with yeast in the dough. To cook it, it is fried in a lot of butter. The Blini is served to you hot and fresh without anything on it. The different toppings to go with the Blini is served separate and everybody puts on the topping of their choice and enjoys making their own special mix of tastes.

Blini toppings is being served separate

A Blini meal is a social and including meal to be a part of, and is perfect for a night out with friends or family. Passing around the toppings opens up for conversation, and since the fresh Blinis are being served more than one time, the meal usually takes time.

Pass around the toppings!

Blini does not have a very long tradition in the Finnish restaurant scene. It was introduced in the early 1990's but soon became very popular both as an appetizer and a main dish. Now, the Blini is being served in a lot of restaurants during January, the Blini season.

Even though the Blini has it's origin in Russia, the way to serve it is slightly different. The Finnish version is served with  fish roe, raw onion, sour cream, Skagen shrimp salad, gravlax salad and beetroot salad among other things. The Russian version is often served as a sweet dessert.

Blini cooking class in Helsinki. Love the hat! :)