Sunset over winter Bergen

Last week I took a nice ride with the Funicular to the top of mount Fløyen in Bergen. The view over the city center and surroundings is stunning from up there, and with the winter sunset creating lots of warm colors in the cold weather, it is perfect for a great photo session.

Colorful sunset in Bergen

Bergen city center seen from top of mount Fløyen

Lots of other visitors also trying to capture the winter sunset

At this time of the year, the sun rises at 9.45 am and sets at 3.30 pm, so to enjoy the daylight theres only a few hours around noon.

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The Funicular is pretty awsome, and takes you from the city center to the top of mount Fløyen in only 6-7 minutes. Take a look at my facebook video from the ride down.

Nydelig vinterutsikt på vei ned med Fløibanen i Bergen. Er det rart at bergenserne er stolt? 